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Water & Wastewater

Driving operational excellence

The ever-increasing demands on today’s water and wastewater facilities require an increasing level of capability from the supporting automation and information technology.
Dynamic changes in processing requirements, increased levels of compliance reporting, cyber security requirements, and the pressure to optimize operating budgets through controlled energy and manpower costs are but a few of the challenges.
iOpen’s best of breed portfolio is delivering on these needs in driving operational excellence for the water industry. Water systems solutions can be architected from the most advanced hardware and software products to deliver in the most challenging of environments.
These solutions deliver the lowest true cost of ownership by protecting existing investment of infrastructure and providing the seamless integration with new and evolving technology standards.

Solutions suited for water and wastewater treatment
Because water treatment usually involves a large geographic area, automation systems for water and wastewater applications often require remote sites. In industrial water treatment, water is typically treated immediately adjacent to its points of use, and these locations may be across large industrial complexes. In municipal applications, water often is pumped long distances across extensive areas. To deliver optimum results, remote automation locations must be either tightly coordinated or at a minimum monitored – which has presented some challenges in the past regarding real-time data and event evaluation. However, advances in automation technology have provided alternatives to traditional approaches to managing these remote sites – and helped users speed implementation, reduce costs, improve data integrity and resulting treatment processes, and significantly ease accessibility.

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