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Continuously improving operations

With increasing global demand for more cost-effective, cleaner sources of energy, manufacturers must uncover additional efficiencies to gain a competitive edge. It’s imperative to drive improved production and reduce costs while addressing standards for regulatory security compliance. Achieving this high level of performance requires leveraging real-time intelligence across your manufacturing installations for efficient operational response.

Solutions suited for the manufacturing industry
Today’s control engineers need systems that allow them to tailor a solution that meets the specific needs of their plant. The iOpen hardware and software portfolio provides them freedom and flexibility through a set of fully integrated tools to efficiently design, implement, document, and maintain an automation system.

iOpen understands your needs, and we’ve successfully partnered with manufacturers to meet these challenges head on. Our best of breed automation solutions convert your critical data into knowledge—enabling you to control, manage and optimize your assets in a secure, scalable and integrated environment.

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