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IRMA – Industry Risk Management Automation

Holistic protection from cyber attacks in your production plants

With IRMA® (Industry Risk Management Automation), you can fall back on an effective industrial computer system which can be used to quickly identify and fight off cyber attacks. Without carrying out any kind of activity in your IT network, IRMA® constantly monitors your production plants, provides information on cyber attacks, and enables risk-based analysis, as well as an intelligent alarm system via a clearly-organised management console.
This means that risks can be evaluated in good time and actions to stop an attack or to effectively mitigate its consequences can be initiated without hesitation. IRMA® was developed as an innovative, state-of-the-art IT solution and thus guarantees your ability to act in the event of a cyber attack.

Optimal IT security

state of the art

Immediate recognition

of anomalies in the IT network

Passive automated monitoring

non-intrusive scanning of your network

Safeguarding of systems which cannot be patched

e.g. Windows NT/2000/XP, old PLCs, OPC Classic

New dangers require new solutions

IRMA continually monitors your product plants, delivers information about cyber attacks and enables the analysis as well as intelligent alerting by means of a clear management console.

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Continual surveillance

IRMA collects and analyses all systems and connections without being active in the network of the production plant. Immediately after the validation or assessment in the integrated risk management, IRMA continually monitors your IT infrastructure and displays manipulations or cyber-attacks in real time. Decisions about relevant actions that stop the attack or defuse the effect can thus be made without any delay.

Intelligent alerting

Alarm notifications are prioritised, displayed and allocated in the IRMA and they can also be transferred online in an alarm management. The alarm management has a key function at the man-machine interface in operation. Alerting is only helpful if the frequency and the quality of information is suitable in supporting those persons responsible for its operation.

Effective analysis

Necessary and target-orientated adaptations of the security architecture within the scope of the security management process, can be efficiently carried out based on this knowledge. Optionally, IRMA can recognise attack scenarios, independently identify anomalies of use and efficiently control the alerting by means of prioritisation in the risk management.

Clear reporting

Comfortable reporting and export functions guarantees IRMA a comprehensive overview at all times. By means of the direct connection with your alarm management, an efficient emergency response and the maintenance of your IT infrastructures is secured.

Security is not a target

Security is the journey to the target. With IRMA we show you a simple way to a secure plant!

Safeguarding of certified production plants

without re-certification (e.g. for the pharmaceutical, chemical or food sectors)

Integrated alarm management

for cyber security incidents

Complete oversight and security

for your IT systems, network connections and data connections

In real time

constant monitoring, recognition of attacks and reporting

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