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Ultrasonic Sensors

Ideal for liquid or granular targets

Ultrasonic sensors provide reliable, non-contact detection of solid, liquid, granular or powdered material in air. They emit a high frequency acoustic signal in the detection of the target and evaluate the reflected signal.
The target is detected and simultaneously its distance from the sensor can be calculated precisely from the signal’s transmit time. The target material may be transparent or coloured and may have a polished or mat surface.

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independent of target material, colour, shape or surface


cylindrical sensors with integral connector

Easy adjustment

by either potentiometer or reach in

Dual output sensors

including analog and digital

  • Precise control of position, distance, height and level
  • Sensing ranges up to 6,000 mm
  • Range setting and NO / NC configuration by teach button or wire
  • Diffuse types with foreground and background suppression
  • Reflex types with no blind zone
  • Robust housings in food-grade stainless steel or plastic with integral M12 connector, IP67
  • M18 in standard or short body
  • M30 in standard body or with large head
  • Various output types, including analog, voltage and current
  • Crosstalk prevention through synchronisation and multiplexing mode
  • Insensitive to dirt and ambient noise
  • Temperature range -20°C to +70°C

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