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Improving yield and plant efficiency

The ever-increasing production demands on today’s Petrochemical facilities require an increasing level of capability from the supporting automation and information technology. The pressures to increase yield, control energy costs, and quickly build and expand plants are just a few of the challenges that manufacturers face. iOpen delivers on these needs by driving operational excellence for the industry.

iOpen helps Petrochemical manufacturers quickly automate their plants by providing best of breed technology based on off-the-shelf capabilities. Our product solutions offer the ability to develop HMI and Controller programming in a single package using common editing tools, databases, and objects greatly simplifying the process and decreasing programming time. In addition, the vast majority of visualization, alarming, and data collection requirements can be done via standard point, click, and select configuration.

Solutions suited for the petrochemical industry
When a 1% increase in production can yield over $1MM in annual revenue, it is critical to maximize plant efficiency and yield. iOpen has a core set of scalable software modules focused on the most critical aspects of your production. With these modules, you can minimize scheduled and unscheduled downtime events, maximize yield and increase production throughput without adding equipment, people, or material costs.

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