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Car Park Carbon Monoxide Monitoring and Control Solution

Our customer’s motivated iOpen to create a cost effective and totally flexible car park exhaust control system utilizing standard, readily available off the shelf hardware. The Australian Standards were reviewed and are the basis of our design, our customers’ requirements were work-shopped, and our solution created. iOpen chose the Delta products for this application as they are highly reliable and offer a great value proposition.
Delta Electronics are one of the world’s largest power electronics companies and are long recognised for providing quality products with comprehensive features and reliability. iOpen prides itself on supplying customers with the best variety of products and solutions through our trusted reputation of delivering on platforms to protect our customers’ investments into the future.

Cost effective

and flexible solution

White label

completely customisable with your logo and contact details

Simple deployment

deploy and upgrade via USB, no PC required

Standard off-the-shelf hardware

using readily available building blocks offer longevity

Car park exhaust control systems ensure carbon monoxide levels in a staffed or un-staffed carpark do not exceed levels as required by Australian Standards. Variable frequency drives (VSD’s) control the exhaust and / or supply fan motors to optimize energy usage. Applicable to any zone of a carpark utilising up to 32 CO Sensors with selectable input types.
Supply and exhaust fan groups offer fire and / or manual fan speed override. The system utilises the Delta slim line SX2 controller and any number of options from the Delta DOP range for the HMI (standard offering is the 4.3″ DOP with serial communications – Ethernet communication and larger screen options are available).

Want to know more?

Intuitive and flexible setup

  • Select staffed or unstaffed per Australian Standards
  • Sensor quantity, type and ppm range
  • Adjustable CO set point level timers
  • Fire-mode interaction and signal trigger state
  • Setting of real time clock operation from HMI
  • Air exchange start / end and VSD frequency
  • Yearly maintenance trigger with HMI and output alarm
  • VSD group for fire-mode or non-fire mode operation

Maintenance free system

  • Battery-less operation
  • Application is retained in non-volatile memory
  • RTC maintained for 14 days with power loss
  • Automatic adjustment for daylight savings
  • Screen saver to extend screen life

Test and diagnostic tools

  • Overall system via sensor simulation
  • Daily air exchange system
  • VSD fan direct output setting

Visualisation, alarms, trends and audit trail

  • Comprehensive system status indication
    • System mode (auto / manual / test and fire-mode)
    • Application version, PLC status, cycle time and firmware version
  • Individual and adaptive sensor monitoring and fault indication
  • CO level flags and timers indication
  • Extended alarm capability via alarm page and alarm banner available on all screens
  • System log screen tracks interaction with system

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