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Smart Motor Control Systems

Compact design, simplified connectivity and error free wiring

iOpen’s value proposition for the motor control market is over 20 years’ experience in consulting with our client’s and supplying solutions that meet their needs. SmartWire-DT is a unique wiring solution that streamlines connection and communications inside and outside control panels.
Machine builders globally are finding that SmarWire-DT can be integrated easily into machines in a smaller control cabinet, reducing the time and effort for wiring their machines by up to 85%.

Want to know more?

Save time

reduce wiring time and effort by up to 85%

Save space

compact control cabinets and no messy wiring looms

Save money

reduce costs by simplified wiring and safe, error free installations

Simplified connectivity

Replace conventional, time consuming control circuitry with a single cable. SmartWire-DT enables the simple connection of switchgear in control panels.

Less complex

Eliminating the PLC and control wiring means compact control panels.

High flexibility

With industrial fieldbus gateways, SmartWire-DT can be connected to PLC’s from any manufacturer.

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