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Active Power Filters

Reducing harmonic distortion to increase power quality and equipment life cycles

Ensuring reliable power supply and maintaining the quality of that supply is critical to running efficiently with reduced exposure to risk from power and equipment failures.
Talk to our advisors about solutions tailored to your needs to ensure your critical power system and equipment are protected, and that assets and equipment life cycles are not being marginalised by poor power quality.

High speed

20mSec response time


of maintenance


and quick installation



These sources

  • Variable speed drives
  • Poor load distribution
  • Poor cable routing
  • Poor grounding
  • Switch mode power supplies
  • High inductive loads
  • Load switching
  • UPS systems
  • Office equipment
  • Welders
  • Lighting

Create these issues

  • Harmonics
  • Phase imbalance
  • Power Factor
  • Overloaded neutral
  • Voltage sag
  • Flicker
  • Power interrupptions
  • Noise

Having this effect

  • Distorted voltage / current in distribution networks
  • Decrease utility / generator efficiency
  • Possible damage to capacitor banks due to resonance
  • Overheating to electronic systems causing component failure
  • Overheating to neutral conductor
  • Overheating to transformer
  • Nuisance tripping of breakers and protective relays

Cost to business

  • Downtime
  • Loss of production
  • Increased maintenance costs
  • Expensive investigations
  • Utility litigation
  • High utility costs

Want to know more?

Multifunction parallel active filters are the most complete solution to solve those quality problems caused, in either industrial or commercial facilities, not only by harmonics but also for current unbalance and reactive power consumption. Parallel units to provide up to 4000 Amps of harmonic mitigation.

Summary of key features

  • 30 amp, 60 amp and 100 amp filters are wall mounted and of compact design
  • Compact rack type modules, up to 400A per cabinet
  • Highly scalable – master / slave design enables up to 100 units to be connected in parallel   
  • Multi-function active filters – harmonic filtering, reactive power compensation and phase balancing      
  • Several types and ratings suitable for 3 wire 400V and 4 wire 480V networks, 50 or 60 Hz
  • Cabinet rating IP21 with 3.5″ colour HMI               
  • Connectivity – view data in real time using Modbus RTU & TCP/IP protocol           
  • Built-in web server for online monitoring, no need to use a software application             
  • Data logger – 2 Gb internal memory to record the load curve
  • Easy commissioning with intuitive walk through parameterisation        
  • Field wiring issue resolution  – CT reversal by HMI setting, saves field rewiring      
  • Internal auto-diagnosis system during start-up  
  • 2 … 50th harmonic (adjustable) – response time from 100µS      
  • Operating temperature -10 to +45°C       
  • IEE519 compliance – reduces harmonics up to 50th (2500Hz)

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