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Power Supply Units

All-purpose usage for all applications

The switch-mode power supplies feature a high efficiency, compact dimensions and minimal heat generation. They are an excellent and reliable solution for providing power in all automation applications – safely providing 24 V DC voltage. The different product series are optimised for the automation industry: they feature Ex approvals for the processing industry, a flat shape perfect for distribution tasks within buildings and provide decentralised control voltages. All-purpose usage: with a wide range of AC/DC inputs, single-, double- or three-phase versions and a wide temperature range.
Additional performance increases are possible using simple parallel connection. Weidmüller switch-mode power supplies are reliable usable for all applications because of their high efficiency and their resistance to both short circuits and overloads. Weidmüller offers a system of one- and three-phase switchmode power supplies especially for the PROtop family. These can be expanded with additional modules to create whole system solutions. The optimal fitting system can be assembled for any type of application: with redundancy circuits containing decoupled outputs, monitoring of the output voltage or triggering of circuit breakers.


3 performance classes and various accessories offers tailored solutions for every application


components for redundancy, UPS, Buffer module and Electronic load monitoring improve the reliability of your systems and prevent costly production downtimes


highly future-proof thanks to DCL technology, IO-Link communication module and ORing MOSFET technology inside

Wide choice

single phase and three phase power supplies with an output range from 17 watt to 960 watt

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  • Optimum efficiency levels (up to 95.3 %) for sustainable energy savings
  • High dynamic range thanks to unique DCL technology
  • Communication modules for condition monitoring
  • Direct parallel connection through integrated ORing MOSFETs


  • Best performance on a small budget
  • Up to 93% efficiency even in the “eco” class
  • Compact design: with only 100 mm installation depth
  • A three-colour LED display already warns at 90 % output current

Insta Power

  • Wide power spectrum and compact design
  • Have international approvals
  • Temperature ranges from -25°C to +70°C
  • Wide voltage input range


  • Individual adaptability
  • Wall-mounted power supply has been developed for universal usage
  • Power bandwidth ranges from 25 W up to 350 W
  • Extremely flat and the perfect fit for micro-applications


  • Maximum load capacity—versatile in use
  • Safe operation with high power reserves up to 60 °C and start-up at -40 °C
  • Capable of handling continuous overload or transient peak loads with ease
  • Suitable for confined spaces thanks to their low width

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