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Data historian, analysis and reporting to optimise your process

With ACRON, you can efficiently bring together all the data and information from your plants, thus laying the groundwork for sound evaluation and analysis processes. Its comprehensive range of functions enables you to analyse and optimise your plants and operational processes precisely, securely and exactly. What’s more, ACRON enables you to generate all your evaluations and reports.
ACRON stands out through its intuitive handling, flexibility and quick planning. Further advantages are presented in the form of the client/server architecture, high data security and operating reliability, and scalability. This is accompanied by high availability at a good price-performance ratio. As a manufacturer-independent product, and thanks to its universal design, ACRON can be used in almost all sectors. Connections to various SCADA systems, as well as a range of interfaces, are available.

Multiserver / client concept

with high performance and very short response times

Time/change oriented recording

with time resolution in the millisecond range

Arithmetic operations

with over 100,000 data points possible

Maximum safety

three-level cache and a redundant database with a backup on various data carriers

Modules and Functions

Convenient user interface

ACRON Reporter provides you with a variety of tools and applications in a clear environment, e.g.:

  • Display reports, protocols, and graphs and print them
  • Hierarchical plant overview
  • Create data backup and export
  • Record manual inputs (laboratory values)

Complete report creation

ACRON creates meaningful reports over freely selectable time ranges from the process data. Useful compression algorithms generate continuous data for daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports. Time variable reports (e.g. for layers) can also be generated.

Comprehensive evaluation

In the ACRON graph module, you have access to comprehensive and user-friendly diagrams in
curve progressions. Measuring points, minimums / maximums and other statistical evaluations can be identified differently by various markers, e.g.:

  • Display of digital variables in the diagram
  • Extensive statistical evaluations
  • Multiple x and y axes, also with time offset

Fast access to data

The ACRON Excel Add-Inn enables convenient access to all data in ACRON for simple and fast programming
of values. Further evaluations embedded in the MS-Excel® environment are very simple to create. The query mechanisms are clear and easy to parameterise. On the JUNE5 interface, large amounts of data can be made available from ACRON.

Cross industry use

ACRON meets the standardisation, legal requirements and regulations for a wide range of industries (e.g. DIN EN ISO 50001, DWA M260, A216, 21 CFR Part 11, TA, Waste, EKVO etc.). Of course, an audit trail is possible.

Want to know more?

Quick return on your investment

excellent price-performance ratio and reduced total cost of ownership

User administration

granular configuration

Low memory requirements

small footprint with efficient use of resources

Compliance in regulated industries

meets the standards and regulations for a wide range of industries

Architecture, security and the database

Thanks to its modular design, ACRON covers all historical data processing requirements from the smallest applications to large, distributed systems. ACRON has a robust and fault-tolerant client-server architecture. The software is scalable and can grow with your requirements.

With ACRON you can

  • Aggregate, backup and archive data across systems
  • Perform extensive evaluations and analyses
  • Create meaningful reports
  • Optimise processes and increase productivity

Conversion tools for

  • OSI Pi
  • CAS server
  • Industrial SQL


  • ABB – Sattgraph
  • Axeda – Wizcon
  • Certec – atvise web HMI
  • Copadata – ZenOn
  • GE – Proficy iFIX
  • GE – Cimplicity
  • Gossen Metrawat – ECS
  • Schneider – InTouch
  • Siemens – WinCC / PCS7 (certified)
  • Siemens WinCC flexible
  • Siemens Sicam 230, Power CC flowmeter Sitrans MAG 8000
  • USDATA – Factory Link
  • Universal OPC DA / AE / HDA
  • Universal OPC UA
  • Universal ODBC
  • Universal file import CSV / TXT / XML

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