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Dream Report

Industrial Intelligence – Reports and Dashboards

Dream Report™ is taming that ocean of data with industrial reports and dashboards for every market. It’s the first programming free, user-friendly, automated reporting and data analysis software designed specifically for industrial automation applications. It is designed to be the simplest solution for extracting data from virtually any data source and Dream Report will provide automated reports to anybody, anywhere and anytime.
Built on today’s modern technologies, Dream Report fits perfectly for all types of reporting, from compliance to performance, efficiency, and maintenance reporting in discrete, hybrid and process automation markets. Dream Report makes information gathering and formatting so simple, you’ll be generating the Reports you want, not just the reports that you absolutely need…

Industry leader

resold and recommended by more companies than any other “Industrial” solution.

Regulatory and compliance reports

essential reports to be in business e.g. FDA, EPA, EPBD, etc.

Automated reports and dashboard

all your KPI’s, generated automatically, delivered to all your stake holders

Data analysis

anytime, anywhere

All Manufacturer Device Support

Dream Report offers a great deal of connectivity to all your data sources through over 80 proprietary interfaces, industrial standards and business standards.

  • ARC Informatique PCVue SCADA
  • Afcon PCIM SCADA
  • AspenTech Aspen IP21
  • Citect Historian
  • Citect SCADA
  • Echelon iLon
  • Elutions Wizcon / Control Maestro
  • Emerson DeltaV SCADA
  • Eurothern Controllers
  • GE Digital Cimplicity
  • GE Digital Proficy Historian
  • GE Digital iFIX
  • Indusoft HMI
  • B-SCADA Status Enterprise
  • Trihedral VT SCADA
  • Loytec LWEB 801 / 900
  • Mitsubishi HVAC
  • Mitsubishi CC-Link
  • OSI Pi
  • Rockwell FactoryTalk View
  • Schneider ION
  • Schneider StruxureWare
  • Siemens WinCC SCADA
  • Siemens SIMATIC STEP 7
  • Semaphore-CSE TView HMI
  • Wonderware InTouch
  • Wonderware Historian
  • Yokogawa Batch Monitor
  • Open Protocol – Modbus RTU
  • Open Protocol – Modbus TCP / IP
  • Open Protocol – OPC DA / AE / HDA / UA
  • Open Protocol – BACNet
  • Open Protocol – ODBC / Advanced ODBC
  • Open Protocol – OLEDB
  • Open Protocol – CSV
  • Open Protocol – Excel
  • Open Protocol – SNMP
  • Open Protocol – MQTT

Want to know more?

World’s leading solution for “industrial” reports

Based on modern technologies, Dream Report enables easy connectivity to automation systems and equipment (e.g. in buildings, factories, etc.), through over 80 different data interface drivers to both open and proprietary protocols. Dream Report collects and archives real-time information and accesses open or proprietary archives and databases, generating professional reports and dashboards on schedule, on event or manually, then publishing and e-distributing that information. The solution delivers Web-based reports management over the internet and intranet via an integrated web portal. Users can access generated reports, generate new reports and build web-based interactive dynamic dashboards in minutes. An intuitive and easy user interface allows fast project development and project maintenance with low engineering costs. Development is accomplished without a single line of code.

Interactive and dynamic web forms allow users to easily create web-based, dynamic and interactive reporting applications. These also deliver drill-down reporting functionality with user managed navigation.

Advanced manual data management offers market leading functionality which allows users to easily build manual browser-based data entry forms with features to support timestamps (user selected), via web browsers and mobile devices.

Data access from any / all systems

Dream Report integrates robust communications to collect data and alarms from multiple real-time and history sources. It uses OPC, OLE and ODBC standards to connect and collect Data from different suppliers. Moreover, Ocean Data Systems develops custom drivers to leverage native history from SCADA systems, DCS, RTUs and more….

Data logging

Dream Report integrates a powerful historian (Data Logger) module to log clean and accurate data to any standard database such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Access… This unique feature positions Dream Report™ not only as a reporting tool, but also as the complete solution for accessing data, aggregating data and integrating data from and across all your systems, both industrial and business oriented.

Data extraction and analysis

Dream Report integrates a user friendly graphic object and analytics library to extract Data, generate statistics and format results for display as Values, Tables, Bars, Pies, Charts and more…

Report and dashboard design

Dream Report’s studio integrates an intuitive and easy to learn graphical editor to create beautiful reports and dashboards, delivering the results you need in any industry.

Report generation and distribution

Dream Report generates reports and dashboards manually and automatically. The automatic mode enables generation based on events and on schedule. When ready, reports can be automatically printed, emailed, stored and published to any location, even over the web.

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