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Power Factor Management

Reduce your electricity costs

Automatic capacitor banks have been used for many years to compensate reactive power in networks with fluctuating loads. iOpen provide a comprehensive range of automatic capacitor banks manufactured by leading manufacturer – Circutor
Costs are kept to a minimum via a series of standard designs. Circutor’s unique offering ranges from low-cost standard systems to harmonic resilient systems with de-tuning reactors to high-speed thyristor driven systems for applications such as lifts and saw-mills.

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The OPTIM FR P&P Series capacitor banks with detuned filters have been designed for power compensation purposes in networks with fluctuating load levels, a high content of harmonics and where there is a risk of resonance. Power variations are relatively slow (in seconds) so that the switching operations are carried out with contactors.

The OPTIM-EMK series capacitor banks have been designed for power factor correction in networks with high fluctuating loads. The power variations are relatively quick (measured in milliseconds) and the operation is thus carried out by thyristors, which are connected to a voltage controller board, so that the connection and disconnection of the capacitor is carried out with zero voltage difference. Transients are prevented between the connection and disconnection of the steps, obtaining an immediate response to the load fluctuations.

The ultimate solution in power factor correction. Stepless operation means accurate and continuous compensation for both lagging and leading reactive power situations. Parallel up to 4000kVAr in power factor compensation

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