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AIP – The Alarm and Information Portal

The intelligent alarm system

Alarm portal AIP bridges the gap between a critical event occurring and being reported. AIP ensures that alarms are reliably triggered and that the relevant target groups within your company are notified accurately. This means that the right decisions can be made within the shortest periods of time, protecting your plant from breakdowns and downtimes.
AIP automates alarm processes and, through defined escalation chains, ensures that any disruption can be rectified immediately. Through its integration into the most varied of communication channels, AIP also enables a quick and targeted reaction even when out and about.


facilitates mobile working for service teams

Various types of media

can be selected for alerting (SMS, email, pager, telephone, audio, messenger)


for the use in companies with increased security requirements


of serveral HMI / SCADA control systems, MES and ERP systems are possible

Your intelligent alarm system

As a pure client/server type of application with a modular design, AIP cooperates with existing HMI / SCADA, MES and ERP systems and seamlessly embeds itself into the IT architecture of your company. Secured communication,
flexible configuration and multiple redundancy are the cornerstones of the concept.

Precise alerting

With AIP, various control systems, HMI / SCADA components or visualisations can be coupled via communication modules (agents). AIP supports the handling of alarms, incidents, reports and disruptions as well as their proliferation and analysis.

Custom-fit configuration

Every alarm or order created by the AIP can freely define how this should continue to be addressed. The processing
takes place by means of an integrated Workflow-Engine through which various processes are performed and can be modeled.

Comfortable analysis functions

A module which is easy to operate is available for the investigation and evaluation of alarms and incidents. With this tool, the entire plant system can be analysed on the basis of the AIP platform information.

Flexible connection

The most varied control systems can be attached to the platform as sources of information – also redundant. The classical connection via OPC DA / AE / OPC UA ensures the linkage to many universal Automation components. Other components include iFIX and Cimplicity from GE, atvise from Certec as well as can be integrated into this concept upon request or rather they are already in the development stage.

Multiple transmission media

The secured delivery of the order to the relevant recipients is guaranteed by the integration of various transmission media. Reports can be sent as text or in computer generated language (Text-to-Speech) whereby an acknowledgement is also possible up to the PLC levels.
Even when operating staff are not present in the control room, it is possible to permanently monitor the plant system with AIP. Thus, AIP even provides information to mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablet PCs via its transmission media.

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Rapid reactions to disruptions

avoid downtimes

Generate alarms

record events and provide a universal information goal


altering and communication processes


the use of your service and maintenance staff

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