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Surge Protection

Reliable protection for your plants, devices, machines, and energy grids

The world is becoming more and more digital. Technical infrastructure and plants getting increasingly complex and sensitive. Due to the increasing connections and interactions of components and systems, the protection of individual areas is becoming of decisive importance. And surge protection plays a more important role than ever before.
As a long-term, innovative partner, Weidmüller stands for reliable high-quality products for surge protection. In-depth specialist knowledge and hundreds of tailor made surge protection solutions make Weidmüller your ideal partner. With a broad and comprehensive VARITECTOR product portfolio Weidmüller offer surge protection for energy systems, for instrumentation and control, and for data interfaces.

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Investment protection

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High performance

no additional back-up fuse needed up to 315 A. Useable as 3, 4, or 3+1 pole Version for TNC, TNCS, or TT energy grids

Fuseless operation up to 315 A

  • Fuseless operation up to 315 A backup fuse
  • Certification in accordance with current IEC/EN standards and UL 1449 Ed. 4 for worldwide application
  • Full protection status control with optional pre-warning function
  • Intelligent locking mechanisms ensure reliable operation even under harsh environmental conditions

Lightning and surge protection VPU I

  • Tested by IEC/EN 61643-11 up to Iimp 25 kA (10/350µs ) lightning pulse
  • Supports all common energy grids like TNC, TNCS, TNS and TT for 230/400 V or 400/690 V systems
  • Combined varistor/spark gap technology for leakage current free products
  • Space savings of 50 % due to reduced width


  • Tool-free installation in 230/400 V TNC, TNS or TT-Systems
  • Complete status control
  • Innovative, additional voltage tap
  • Versions with remote signalling contact
  • Space-saving design, only 47 mm
  • Fuseless operation up to 315 A backup fuse

Surge protection VPU II

  • Certification to international IEC/EN 61643-11 standards and the latest UL 1449 Ed. 4 standard
  • All products of the VPU AC series have an optical status indicator. Variants with pre-warning display are available
  • No Back-up fuse needed up to 315A
  • Supports all common energy grids like TNC, TNCS, TNS and TT for 230/400 V or 400/690 V Systems

Terminal device surge protection VPU III

  • Compact Type III arrester for AC/DC protection acc. to IEC 61643-11
  • Two Port SPD type III protects the electronic device up to 16 A
  • Surge protection with monitoring contact

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