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Programmable Automation Control Systems

Performance, Maintenance and Insight in a Single Controller

Emerson’s next generation control solutions optimize industrial processes securely and reliably to give you peace of mind while helping improve performance of operations in any environment. Emerson’s programmable automation control systems offer a single, scalable solution to deliver safe, secure communication between real-time deterministic controls and non-deterministic applications to analyze and optimize your operations, maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime.
Today’s industrial applications require faster performance and more reliable connections. Emerson’s Programmable Automation Controllers feature an extensive range to support scalable automation and minimize downtime. Redundant by design, these compact controllers use PROFINET for better performance and productivity, and are interoperable with most open industry standards. Rugged, fanless design means more durability and better performance in any environment.

Tag-based programming

offers a library of reusable code and a test edit mode for improved online troubleshooting

User-friendly environment

increases design flexibility and improve engineering efficiency and productivity

Unique reflective memory technology

keeps CPUs synchronized with simple configuration, minimal impact to application performance, and bumpless switchover in case of failure

High-speed processor

and patented technology for faster throughput without information bottlenecks

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High-performance controllers for a connected world

Get the most celebrated, awarded, and long-standing controllers available. Emerson’s PACSystems tackle demanding industrial applications with deterministic control solutions that are scalable, open and interoperable at the same time. The unique approach optimizes control of your system and simultaneously enables analytics and machine learning at the edge simultaneously. Improve on industrial processes and elevate your overall performance without sacrificing uptime, security or connectivity.

Dependable performance in a powerful design

The PACSystems RX3i controller provides the foundation for industrial internet connectivity. Its powerful, modular programmable design offers a universal development environment, plus connectivity design that provides insights into your machines and systems. You’ll also enjoy high availability that maximizes uptime, high-performance you can depend on, and interoperability that extends the system lifecycle and reduces overall costs of ownership.

High-performance in a very small package

Make big gains in asset performance and productivity in small spaces. Emerson’s compact controllers improve machine performance and flexibility while reducing size, complexity and cost. Find new efficiencies with streamlined application development and integration, using the same runtime and templates as the other PAC solutions. These controllers operate in extreme temperatures and conditions. With OPC-UA Secure communications, you’ll always have secure access to the information you need.

Massive power, small package

Leverage the power and flexibility of PACSystems in smaller applications. RSTi-EP CPUs make it possible to incorporate the entire PACSystems suite in stand-alone applications or as auxiliary control in larger process applications that use RX3i. This simplifies training for operators and maintenance workers and streamlines application development and integration. Advanced security and PROFINET I/O solutions make compact controllers from PACSystems the perfect way to enhance your workflow.

Easy-to-use, compact controllers for small spaces

When space is limited but reliability and performance are critical, Emerson’s modular and micro controllers deliver the functionality you need in a format that works in the tightest of spaces. Suitable for light processes, VersaMax Modular is fast, with enhanced expandability, up to 128kB memory and flexible topologies. VersaMax Micro has fast cycle times with intuitive programming and configuration using PAC Machine Edition software. Achieve maximum productivity in a small form factor with Emerson.

Peak flexibility in a powerful, reliable design

VersaMax Micro Controllers provide powerful, reliable operation in a design that minimizes costs. Able to support a wide range of I/O expansion modules and communication options, VersaMax Micro Controllers offer modular design, powerful performance for their size, and high speed processing in a tiny package—especially when it comes to the VersaMax Nano, an all-in-one design that fits in the palm of your hand.

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