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Software and Industry 4.0 Solutions

Software solutions empower your team to make knowledge based decisions which can directly impact on your operational efficiencies, up time and costs. iOpen offers a broad range of software solutions from global technology leaders. From traditional solutions through to Industry 4.0 ready products regardless of if they are on the factory floor, mobile, on desktop or hand held devices.

octoplant - Full control for production plants and industrial automation

Bring clarity to data management in your automated environments while stamping out firefighting for good

ACRON Plant Chronicle - Historian and Data Analysis

The foundation of smart data management delivering insight through information

AIP Alarm Control Center - Alarm Management

Immediate, targeted & efficient alerts to your plant

JUNE5 - Pure Web Diagrams and Reports

Rich diagrams, reports and manual input features on mobile devices, desktops and all front web ends

Dream Reports - Industrial Report and Dashboards

Taming that ocean of data with industrial reports and dashboards for every market

Corvina Cloud - Open Industrial IoT Platform

Bridging the gap between OT and IT architectures

Proficy Cimplicity and iFIX - SCADA and HMI

Optimize operator efficiency with high performance HMI while reducing risk with proven visualization and SCADA

IRMA - Cyber Security Industry Risk Management Automation

Holistic protection against cyber attacks in production plants

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