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Engineered Cabinet Solutions

Save time. Save space. Save money

iOpen’s value proposition for the motor control market is over 20 years’ experience in consulting with our client’s and supplying solutions that meet their needs. Whether it be for efficient mitigation of heat, specific space restrictions, arduous environmental conditions, safety, energy savings, long cable runs or harmonic issues, iOpen have created a cabinet solution to suit.
With globally recognised and well-respected brands such as Eaton, Toshiba, Fuji, Solcon and Seaho, we can provide best fit cabinet solutions for almost any application in almost any environment. With an iOpen engineered cabinet solution you can save time and valuable plant room real estate, which ultimately saves you money.

Save time

Standard design and application specific cabinet solutions saves you time in engineering and in project estimation

Save space

With a broad range of options at our disposal, we can solve common plant room real estate issues with ease

Save money

Innovative engineering and intelligent heat management equals high efficiency and extended product life

Simple standard design IP55
Enclosed drive solutions using standard Rittal enclosure systems.
Bayed cabinet designs for multi-VSD solutions and / or reactors, dv/dt, sinewave or harmonic filters

Intelligent heat mitigation

We offer our clients a multitude of options to ensure the heat created by variable speed drives is dealt with in the most efficient of ways. Air flow in and out the rear of a cabinet dramatically reduces the load of the plant room air conditioning or a more typical design with cool air being pulled in the bottom and dispersed into the plant room out the top. Direct channeling of air through the VSD heat sink minimises in cubicle cooling requirements and increases the life of the electronics.


  • Top or bottom cable entry
  • Local isolators, circuit breakers, fuses, etc.
  • Contactor by-pass
  • Dynamic braking
  • HMI, PLC and automation options
  • Fieldbus, closed loop and I/O options
  • Local control station
  • Reactors, dv/dt or sine wave filter
  • Low harmonic drives – passive or active harmonic mitigation
  • Active front end
  • 415 Volt, 690 Volt or 1000 Volt options
  • Designs to 50° C ambient
  • Liquid cooled drives
  • High power designs to 1200 Amps


  • Water treatment plants
  • Sewerage treatment plants
  • Water authorties and councils
  • River irrigation systems
  • Mining
  • Power stations
  • Metals
  • Long haul conveyors
  • Ball mills

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