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Industrial Internet of Things

Enabling digital transformation

Creating value from large amounts of centralised machine data that has been collected from industrial platforms provides the foundation for building a smart factory. Solutions that enable connected devices to monitor, collect, analyse and deliver helpful insight enable you to quickly act on data to improve operational efficiency and production, boost quality and speed up time to market. Valuable information revealed through better data access helps reduce bottlenecks and improves maintenance.

Solutions to enable your digital transformation
Manufacturers under pressure to optimize profits and efficiencies while simultaneously reducing costs are leveraging the smart factory to overcome traditional challenges. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is ushering in a digital transformation that allows companies to exploit technology and expertise better than ever before. Smart manufacturing is the gateway to digital transformation enabling manufacturers to remain competitive in an increasingly connected world.
The technologies that are required for digital transformation exist already. iOpen’s IIoT portfolio can open new windows of visibility into processes transforming your business operations to improve profitability for the entire organization. Our IIoT solutions provide a never-ending stream of integrated data gathered from system-wide assets, with analytics to optimise factory operations and empower humans to make better decisions faster. iOpen can match a scalable technolology strategy to meet your business goals and reshape your connected enterprise.

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