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Proficy Cimplicity and iFIX – SCADA / HMI

Drive smarter operator decisions with model-based high performance HMI for faster response and development

Precisely monitor, control, and visualize every aspect of your operations for intelligent control using new high performance technology from Proficy HMI/SCADA. With a quick glance, operators know what’s important and the right actions to drive increased efficiency and reduced costs.
Gain visibility into your operations and secure agility for smarter decision making that drives results. Highly extensible architecture with hundreds of device drivers. Use modern alarming technologies to eliminate alarm noise by sending the alarms that matter and drive the right corrective actions through instructed prioritized alerts.

Decrease operator response time

speed up problem detection and response with ISA and GE research-based design concepts for high performance HMI

Accelerate time-to-value

deploy solutions faster with enhanced database, easy repeatability, and modeling capabilities

Improve security

reduce the threat of cyber attacks with overall certificate-based communications

Improve situational awareness

speed up response with modern screens based on a powerful, graphical engine and high performance HMI with model-based navigation

Precisely monitor and control operations with high performance CIMPLICITY HMI/SCADA

As a proven automation platform, CIMPLICITY provides true client-server visualization and control—from single machines to plant locations spanning the world—helping you manage your operations and improve decision making. Based on decades of GE’s research and development, CIMPLICITY is the HMI and SCADA of choice for the world’s largest organizations. For applications of all sizes, CIMPLICITY can help deliver faster response, reduce costs, and increase profitability. Our latest version enables high performance HMI to speed operator actions, offers secure-by-design connectivity and certification management, and enhances modeling for repeatability and time savings.

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Speed operator response and increase efficiency with iFIX

With just a glance, operators should be able to recognize which information requires their attention and what action needs to be taken. They need to know quickly what problems have arisen and how they can be addressed efficiently.

You can enable smart operators with proven and innovative iFIX HMI/SCADA, used by thousands of organizations around the world. iFIX, part of the Proficy family from GE Digital, leverages the latest technology to help deliver faster time to insight and greater efficiency for your operations while speeding time-to-value for system integrators.

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