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Best of Breed

Rather than aligning with a single technology vendor that is everything to everyone, iOpen offers a best of breed approach in multiple functional areas using de facto, open industry standards to provide standards-based connectivity. iOpen provides the best technology in a specific niche or category that serves a particular purpose. We conduct market research and survey our customers to ensure our solutions are aligned to our customer’s needs. Our portfolio is continuously being enhanced and improved by leveraging new technologies based on current and emerging standards from industry recognised brands.

The benefits of a best of breed approach include:

• Solutions that do exactly what you need them to do
• Faster return on investment
• Better user experience
• Less risk
• More agile

Avoid being stuck with a monolithic solution from a single vendor that forces a square peg into a round hole, leading to work arounds and manual steps outside the system. This is not just inefficient – it also compromises the integrity of your data and leaves you with an incomplete picture.

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