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About Us

iOpen Pty Ltd is a wholly owned Australian company that specialises in the supply, service and support of automation products and solutions for plant business, process control and factory automation.

We are partnered with leading global automation manufactures to ensure that we can provide our clients with the best fit for their needs and best in class products and system solutions.

iOpen engages closely with our customers to develop strategies that will provide excellence in control, efficiency, and safety while empowering customers with access to knowledge-based solutions. Based on best of breed products & solutions, iOpen’ s trusted advisors deliver on platforms to protect our customers’ investments into the future.


Mission statement

A trusted advisor delivering leading technology solutions, through close engagements, to meet our customer’s current and future needs, building industrial technology platforms for efficiency, growth and optimal plant utilization.


Direct sales

iOpen uses B2B interpersonal sales methods with direct sales engagements with a solution focus, creating system architectures, concepts and recommendations. Providing industrial technology platforms to meet customer needs for current challenges, while steering them towards a future vision to protect their investments and asset lifespan into the future.

iOpen has developed enduring relationships with end customers, OEM’s, and systems integrators as a trusted advisor.


Geographical coverage

iOpen has offices in Wollongong, Sydney and Melbourne, serving customers nationally in Australia and New Zealand as well as agreed market territories for our vendors.


Originated as an engineering company in 1990 which sold both products and engineering solutions in the industrial automation and process control segment, after 10 years of growing product sales, in March 2000, iOpen Pty Ltd was formed as a purely product sales company with a solution mindset and approach to selling, to enable greater market reach and engagement with a broader range of customer types.

iOpen prides itself with the ability to advise and support customers on how to maximise the benefit gained from the technology we sell. iOpen maintains application engineers on staff for advice and supports triaging, plus product managers and engineers for deep technical engagement and advisory sales engagements.

Over 20 years of service

What we do best


Technical sales specialists offer practical experience, provinding economical solutions that best fit your needs


Certified to deliver comprehensive training courses through virtual technologies


Team of technical specialists and support engineers assisting with problem solving and application advice


National distribution warehouse in Wollongong holding siginificant stock providing overnight delivery

Best of breed

Offering solutions that best fit your needs based on current and emerging standards with industry recognised brands


Servicing and repairs for a broad range of variable speed drives and electronic devices

Industries served

Power Generation





Materials Handling