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Network Security

Secure data communication with integrated VPN technology

Industrial ethernet routers deliver comprehensive security features by translating addresses between different networks using protocols such as port forwarding, 1:1 NAT or masquerading to protect all the Ethernet devices of the hidden network and to ensure safe integration into the network. Routers also enables access to infrastructure from around the world, supporting up to 10 VPN connections using OpenVPN as well as IPSec technologies to deliver high-level security with minimum effort. Inbuilt SPI firewalls prevent unwanted remote network access and the fully functional firewall can be configured to meet individual rules for both Layer 2 (Ethernet) and Layer 3 (IP) transport to deliver top-level security. Highly intelligent, the firewall also has an auto-learning feature that adapts automatically to the network traffic it sees. This feature provides inexperienced network people with highly effective protection. Generated rules can be edited or deleted.
Performance driven, industrial security routers are highly reliable and robust. They support Modbus TCP commands and also features two digital inputs and outputs for functions and alarms. The gigabit WAN/LAN ports enable high-speed throughput of data in corporate networks. For peace of mind, the Weidmüller routers use the memory of a SIM card for external backup and for restoring the system’s configuration. Operable in temperatures from -20ºC to +70ºC the routers conveniently run on minimal power from 7V to 36Vdc and can be battery or solar operated at fixed installations or on vehicles. Housed in a rugged DIN rail mount case to withstand demanding environments, the Weidmüller routers are suitable for use in mining, road and transport, and water industries as well as for remote access for automation companies during commissioning and warranty. Easy to set up and truly value-packed; the security routers are available with a three-year warranty.

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High performance

industrial security router with integrated firewall

Separation of networks

for office and production level

Cellular internet

connection via 4G LTE


remote access with VPN

Industrial Security Router

  • Easy integration of subnets with identical IP address ranges through 1: 1 NAT
  • Secure and easy remote maintenance with Weidmüller u-link remote access service
  • Future-proof network connection with static and dynamic routing
  • Increased network security through stateful inspection firewall, IP/Port- forwarding and network segmentation
  • Secure communication over the Internet by using IPsec and OpenVPN
  • Reliable internet connection, even without on-site internet access, thanks to integrated 4G/LTE cellular modem
  • Full flexibility thanks to Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces ranging from 2 up to 6 ports

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