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Agility and performance

Mining operations are seeing fundamental changes to their traditional business models because of a new competitive landscape and an increasingly complex set of operational constraints. New market expectations increased corporate and regulatory compliance, open market trading, dramatically higher costs and severe skilled labour and staffing shortages have combined to challenge mining companies to get more from their assets – better and faster than ever before.

To effectively compete, these plants need to become collectively more agile with their people and assets – recognizing risk and reward then reacting accordingly at a much faster frequency.

Solutions suited to the mining industry
At the same time, they must exhibit the nimbleness to deliver on performance goals while complying with daunting regulations.

As a result, Plant Managers are constantly searching for technologies and methodologies to enhance real time performance management capability – where the main obstacle is the lack of modern real time performance management infrastructure that bridge legacy plant controls and enterprise business systems.

iOpen’s solution suite assists mining companies to overcome these obstacles. We provide integrated, scalable solutions delivering the essential plant information infrastructure that complements performance optimization and asset reliability initiatives.

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