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CSE Uniserve

CSE Uniserve is an integral part of CSE Global, one of the world’s largest independent system integration organisations, with a global footprint spanning 20 countries. Originally operating as an independent business, today CSE Uniserve forms part of the larger CSE Australia group of companies, itself part of CSE Global.

In the Australian and New Zealand markets CSE Australia deliver electrical, automation, instrumentation and telecommunications products and solutions via our business units located in all states of Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Since inception in Sydney in 1978, CSE Uniserve has grown to encompass offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, serving some of our most respected companies in Australia and around the world. These valued clients in mining, minerals processing, heavy industry, utilities, renewables, transportation and beyond, continue to look to CSE Uniserve to meet their electrical needs, utilising exclusive world-leading technologies and turning to their engineering services to achieve highly dependable outcomes for their critical projects.

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