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Exploring Corvina Cloud: Bridging Security and Usability in IIoT Systems

Corvina Cloud


In the rapidly evolving landscape of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), finding the delicate balance between robust security and seamless usability has been a challenge. EXOR International steps up to address this challenge with their innovative product, Corvina Cloud, a pivotal component of the EXOR X Platform. Corvina Cloud acts as a bridge between the critical need for high-level security and the operational efficiency of IIoT systems.


corvina cloud dashboard

The Security-Usability Compromise


In the realm of IIoT, security cannot be compromised, yet it shouldn’t hinder operational needs. Corvina Cloud is designed with this core philosophy in mind, ensuring that administrators can access, monitor, and manage network-connected devices with simplicity and security.


Layered Security for Peace of Mind


EXOR International adheres to internationally recognized guidelines such as IEC 62443 and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework 1.0, forming a solid foundation for Corvina Cloud’s security approach. This product embraces a multi-layered security strategy that allows clients to safeguard their systems without hindering day-to-day business operations.


JSmart HMI Operator Interface no enclosure required and a single wire for power and communications

Firewall Flexibility


Corvina Cloud incorporates a robust firewall system, offering IP, port, and protocol filtering. Administrators can define access restrictions based on users, groups, and even specific devices or sites. The synergy between Organization and User Management features empowers administrators to tailor filtering and firewall rules according to unique requirements. From individual I/O ports to whole departments, customization is at the heart of Corvina Cloud’s security.


Traffic Encryption for Data Integrity


Secure communication is paramount in IIoT environments. Corvina Cloud ensures that Virtual Private Network (VPN) sessions are end-to-end encrypted using the SSL/TLS protocol. This cryptographic protection guarantees data authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality. Both users and EXOR devices are authenticated using x509 SSL certificates, providing a robust foundation for encrypted traffic.


JSmart HMI Operator Interface built-in Wi-Fi. In addition, the 7” model is also available with a near-field communication (NFC) option that’s fully compliant with NFC ISO/IEC 14443A Part A (tag types 1 and 2).

User and Access Management


Corvina Cloud boasts a comprehensive User and Access Management system. Each user is assigned a unique login, allowing fine-grained control over device access. Two-factor authentication enhances security further, while connection traceability ensures accountability. This proactive approach mitigates risks, as recent surveys have highlighted that ex-employees often retain their access credentials.


Network Infrastructure for Seamless Connectivity


EXOR’s cloud-based solution features a layered infrastructure that is pivotal in their remote access offerings. This infrastructure brings together network servers, VPN servers, and other services within a secure data environment. Collaborations with top-tier hosting partners globally help reduce latency, meeting a critical prerequisite for Industrial IoT applications.


JSmart HMI Operator Interface with Projected Capacitive Touch (PCT) technology makes the display compatible with most types of off-the-shelf gloves, enabling modern gestures like pinch, zoom, and swipe.


EXOR International’s Corvina Cloud emerges as a game-changing solution for the IIoT landscape. Striking a harmonious balance between security and usability, Corvina Cloud empowers administrators to protect their systems without impeding day-to-day operations. With its layered security, customizable firewall, robust traffic encryption, user management, and optimized network infrastructure, Corvina Cloud stands as a testament to EXOR’s commitment to reshaping the IIoT security paradigm.


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